Data Science for Impact and Decision Enhancement project exhibition


The DSIDE project exhibition will be held at the Department of Science and Technology CSIR Knowledge Commons Foyer Area, on the 2nd of February 2017 from 10:00 until 14:00.  The Meraka Institute and Modelling and Digital Science units of the CSIR have joined forces to form the DSIDE program.

The mandate of the program is to support the capacity building in the field of data science by having candidates participating in mentor-guided programs and also to learn by doing, problem solving of the real world needs as presented by various stakeholders.

Department of Science and Technology is the primary funder of the program. DSIDE project is categorised in two phases that take place for 12 weeks. The first phase occurs during mid-year period and  focuses on adapting a visual analytics framework that includes understanding of the datasets.

The second phase is an eight  week program that focuses on applying machine learning techniques to the same datasets to attract better insights.

Experienced mentors from the CSIR Data Science Community will introduce machine learning topics, tools and theories.

This year candidates were recruited in third year or final year of undergraduate study, in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Business Informatics and Applied Mathematics.