TUT Sosh FC stands a chance of claiming victory on Friday

TUT FC is doing well in the league

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) FC will go head to head with Pull Together FC tomorrow at the TUT North Campus grounds.

Friday’s match is the second leg of Soshanguve Local Football Association (SALFA) league. TUT FC drew 2-2 with Pull Together FC on the first leg last year November at Pull Together soccer grounds at Soshanguve block P.

TUT stands at the second position with 25 points in 10 games played, while Pull Together FC is standing at the sixth position.

Speaking to Mr Errol Mabunda, SALFA manager, he said TUT stands a better chance of winning the game, “TUT FC has been playing well and dominated at every game, so chances of them winning the game are high “.

TUT FC fan, Mr Tiisetso Mokone, said he has no doubt that TUT FC will win the game.
Kick-off is at 19:00 at TUT Soshanguve North Campus sports ground.