Campus Cinemas to Change Student Life in Colleges and Universities

Pi: From the movie Hard to Get

The establishment of the first Campus Cinema at the Qwaqwa Campus of the University of the Free State in Phuthaditshaba will usher in a new era in campus entertainment in colleges and universities in South Africa.

The Campus Cinemas is an initiative of the South Africa Student Support Services (SASSS) which will be rolled out in partnership with various institutions in an effort to change the nature of student entertainment on campuses in South Africa.

SASSS is currently in talks with the two big cinema companies, Sterkinekor and Nu Metro to provide content that is current and relevant to the entertainment needs of student communities in South Africa.

Students in many rural-based institutions like the University of Fort Hare in Alice are trapped in environments where there is no access to alternative forms of entertainment. Unlike students from the big cities like the City of Tshwane.  

SASSS is looking at a company that has an appetite to expand to untested territories, not only the traditional urban centres. There is a huge problem of drinking and substance abuse in many rural and sub-urban campuses where students don`t have access to alternative forms of entertainment as part of their student life. An alcohol free lifestyle will contribute to a positive and quality student life that will promote student development and success.

In January 2014 Nu Metro Cinemas was bought by One Fifty Capital and since then the focus has been to improve efficiency on an operational level. Focus has now shifted towards growth through enhanced customer engagement and constantly improving both the actual in-cinema experience and confectionary offering at all Nu Metro’s locations nationwide.

SASSS in many ways than others resonates with the business strategy of Nu Metro to “fix things” by improving the campus and community-based business through growth and innovation and then optimizing through enhanced cinematic experiences for student communities.

The strategic focus of Nu Metro has also turned to enhancing the experience by introducing measure to limit the screening of films that are not yet available elsewhere through digital formats and illegal online portals by introducing content exhibited in a manner which can’t be duplicated on PCs, phones or home theatre entertainment systems.

In this regard, Nu Metro introduced the large screen-format brand Scene Xtreme at select cinemas in 2014. These cinemas feature the best in 4K Ultra HD digital projection, RealD’s Precision White Screens (delivering more crisp, brighter 3D visuals), as well as Auro 11.1/Dolby Atmos sound.

Nu Metro also opened the first ever 4DX cinema in Africa at Nu Metro V&A Waterfront in December 2015. 4DX delivers a fully immersive cinema experience – involving all senses, giving cinemagoers an experience they have never felt, seen, heard or smelled before!

Nu Metro Cinemas signed an agreement with CJ 4DPLEX, creator of 4DX last year – the world’s first 4D cinema technology for feature films. 4DX uses motion, vibration, water, wind, lightning, scents, and other effects to provide moviegoers with a truly immersive experience.