I did not bulldoze my way into TUT: Minister Mthambi

Communications Minister, Faith Mthambi

Following media reports that Minister for Communications, Ms Faith Mthambi failed the Journalism MA entry requirements twice, the  Minister has hit back  with a  letter to the Tshwane University  of  Technology (TUT) saying TUT violated her rights.

Minister  Mthambi  said in a letter to TUT titled “Letter to TUT” that a desire to study would normally  be celebrated, but in her case, this desire has turned out to be a source of condemnation, derision and impugning of her integrity.

“Before pointing out a series of irregular conduct attendant to my application, let me briefly spell out why I chose to study at TUT for an MTech in journalism. I hold a four-year degree in law and several postgraduate certificates.” She said.

“The relationship between the University and the Student is confidential, and is considered sacrosanct. TUT has violated my rights by disclosing its interactions with me to the public,” she said.

She said TUT colluded in giving an impression that she used her position as Minister of communications to earn a place at the university.

“My application, the personal email and personal postal addresses all point to the contrary,” she explained.

“When I applied, I was given an impression that both my qualifications and experience would suffice for me to receive a favourable consideration. As a result, I was given a student number. I understood that since I did not have a degree in Journalism, I would be expected to undergo the process of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). To this end, I submitted the required documentation.”

TUT indicated that without work experience in Media or Journalism Industry, the RPL process was not a viable option.

She further stated  in her letter that TUT indicated that based on her current three-year qualification, she will still be required to apply via the RPL process.

She said  this  was not true as she holds a four year Bachelor’s degree and  she  has been in the media space for the last seven years at the very least.

“I will appreciate if TUT could correct the impression created that I “bulldozed” my application and forced myself into the classes of the university. Further, the letter should correct the impression that I applied twice and was twice rejected,” she said.