TUT Soshanguve finished the first quarter without strikes


Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Soshanguve Campus SRC has surprised many by finishing the first quarter of the academic year without embarking on protest action.
The TUT Soshanguve Campus is prone to strikes to address student grievances, mainly financial aid matters and academic exclusions and this is the reason it surprised many that the SRC could finish the first quarter of the year without a strike.
The prevention of this year’s protest was championed by the large coverage of student funding by NSFAS
Bukuta Nkuna, EFF Student Commandor at Soshanguve branch said he believes that ongoing issues such as academic exclusions and financial constraint might still prompt protest action.
“Despite the financial aid efforts to provide us with quarterly cash allowances, dozens of students were forced to go back home as they had not received funding. Management of TUT continues to ignore our issues in Soshanguve Campuses hence they expelled six of our former SRC members which is not fair,” Mr Nkuna said.
Another third year student, Mr Vincent Resimathe, said he is happy at how management and all students’ structures at Soshanguve dealt with issues facing students during this quarter.
“Management was very responsive to challenges of students such as lack of accommodation and blocked students and that contributed to calm at the TUT campuses and I think we need to continue with the spirit of resolving issues through dialogue and proper engagements.
“I am proud of all stake holders involved who worked tirelessly to avoid strikes which is good for the students, and to that I say big up to everyone, ”said Mr Resimathe.