Student exchange NSFAS meal allowance for cash

This is the card that students use to exchange meal allowances for cash

It is alleged that students who receive funding from NSFAS are trading their monthly meal allowance in exchange for cash. The exchange happens mostly in supermarkets authorized for financial aid cards.

Mr David Choene, a TUT student said, “Well that one it goes with a lot of things, people who sell their allowances sometimes do it based on certain aspects and I would say its a good way of living and also bad in a way, some do it in order to cover certain things that they can’t get using the fundi card, it can be clothes, transport, rent, and other important things they might need during their time of study.

“Some do it to be able to get entertainment and stuff such as movies, buy alcohol, books and other things they don’t have money to buy or get with the card. Some do it to save money and have cash as it expires at the end of the year, he said.”

Mr Livhuwani Tshilingana, also a TUT student mentioned that “I don’t blame students for selling their meal allowances in exchange for cash because life is hard without money. some of them want to use the money to impress their girlfriends.

“The pressure of having friends with money is the only thing that is leading students to this kind of life, he said.”

Some students fully disagree with this issue.

Another TUT Emmanuel Dlala, said “It is wrong, it is more like a diverted plea to the government. In a way whereby it mean that students do need the funding from the government.

“Half of the students desperately need the food allowance for a proper reason..and this will demolish and jeopardize other student chanches,”he said.