TUT computer lab rescue to students


The TUT computer labs have come as a huge rescue to students giving students free access to internet and computers as tertiary education can be a challenge without access to the web.
Karabo Masombuka, a TUT student said “It is important for campuses to have I-centres because students are able to complete their assignments and are able to access university’s website to check on their marks and latest tests and assignments dates online. The I-centres also help students who can’t afford laptops to complete their assignments.”
Maanda Bele, also a TUT student said “I think it is important for students to have internet centres inside the campus for them to be able to do researches for their assignment and as well as their lecturers. He said certain missing information in text books can be found online and that according to him all students should be given free laptops and data for academic purposes.
Another student, Hawa Mayere, said IT benefits students who are unable to access internet cafes all the time and it is also cheaper at the computer labs which makes student life easier.