Her creative illustration is striking and other-worldly


The next student creative that you should probably know about is an illustrator Christie Osborne.

Her work is striking and other-worldly. It demands attention and double looks and intrigue. Illustration is such an interesting medium as it becomes more and more prevalent in our technologically fueled art realms.

The time and patience any created piece demands is always worthy of recognition in some way or form. I interviewed Christie to get a sense of what it is like to create the things that she does. Here is what she had to say about her work:

HR: What got you into illustrating? What makes it worth doing? What draws you to it?

CO: I have always had a love for art and design. I chose to study visual communication design at The Open Window Institute, through that I discovered illustration; it has been my favourite subject since. I guess the ability to create something that can speak to many people at once makes it worth it. To be able to express a deep part of myself that people can actually reflect through. I am constantly drawn to the challenge of perfection. I know i am nowhere near perfection but I am always open to new techniques and styles that help build my own. I am constantly looking for new ways to communicate my designs.

HR: Where do you look in your life for inspiration?

CO: creative process is never easy. I do find inspiration from online sites, international and national artists. However, I like to create an idea of something first in my head. Allow my environment and experiences to flow through my art. I am highly inspired by the spiritual experience of human life. I am also inspired by the human figure and the purity it holds.

HR: What sort of things pop into your head and make you think ‘wow, that is something there needs to be a picture for’?

CO: If I see a certain figure, colour combination or something out of the ordinary that, I know, has the ability to be developed into an artwork I will take it on. I enjoy challenging myself with my work, so jotting ideas down and keeping them in notes on my phone helps a lot.

HR: Generally describe your favourite medium to work in and why? How do you use this and social media?

CO: My favourite medium is definitely pen. Many of my illustrations are done in pen but I am in the process of using other mediums too. I love how pen is so permanent.
That each line cannot be undone. It forces one to problem solve and work around your mistakes. I have used the same type of pen since i was 15. I prefer to scan my work in to keep detail and then transfer it to social media. Instagram is my main portal for my work, I try post work as often as possible to keep people up to date and inspired.

HR: Where are you based?

CO: I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, I study in Centurion, so I bounce from one city to the next often.

HR: What do you look for in an illustration?

CO: The idea of a great illustration for me is a good colour pallet, consistent line work and structure. This does not mean the artwork must be prim and proper, but rather have an aesthetic flow that pleases your eyes. In my own illustrations I try to keep the lines as consistent as possible and take preparation into account.

HR: You can find Christie’s illustrations on the Instagram handle @tabicats.