The DHET Responds to leaked TVET College Exam Papers

Pic: Courtesy of Polka.id1

The Department of Higher Education (DHET) has announced the rescheduling of certain August 2017 TVET College examination question papers.

This is after the department has received evidence that the exam papers which were being written in the Report 190/1 Engineering Studies may have been compromised. The original exam month for the papers was set to be July 2017. The question papers had to be withdrawn.

“Photographs of various NATED Engineering Studies question papers were submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training by concerned lecturers who had received these images via WhatsApp from students.

“The images were compared to the live version of the question paper for the current examination cycle and were found to be identical in most instances which confirmed a leakage,” said the DHET Spokesperson, Luthuli Mphuthi.

The DHET has released the new dates for the rescheduled exam writing based on the evidence it has received. The subjects which its papers had to be rescheduled are Electrotechnics N4, Engineering, Science N2 and 3 and Mathematics N2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

According to the DHET, The Department already has several interventions in place which are effective for a few exam cycles until the criminal element finds a way around these measures.

The DHET Spokesperson continued to explain that: “New measures are constantly being introduced and implemented in the finalisation of papers for printing and it is envisaged that the printing process will become more automated and sophisticated to include a unique barcode per individual question paper printed.”

The August 2017 exams proceeded today and will end on the 11th of August 2017.

For the exam dates visit the Department of Higher Education and Training’s website.