Why teaching English in China could be just what you need



It is no longer news that South Africa has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world and not enough jobs are being created fast enough to drastically reduce the numbers in the next few years.

As a University graduate/undergraduate, you must be wondering what this means for you, especially given the loads of financial responsibilities you are expected to carry upon graduation.

As a South African with a university education, you should not be limited by the realities within the borders of your country, you possess skills that are very valuable in other countries and being a Native speaker of English language is one of such skill.

Every year, China requires more than 100,000 foreign ESL teachers to meet the huge demand of English education and you are in a position to fill that gap.

The reason you should start an ESL teaching career in China is because no previous teaching experience is needed, a two weeks online TEFL course qualifies you.

The average starting salary is between $1500 – 2500 USD plus accommodation, insurance and bonuses.

You only have maximum 25 hours teaching a week and five working days a week. This also comes with 15 days public holiday a year including winter and summer breaks.

Contracts are for one year (renewable) the the cost of living is low which means you can save minimum of $500 USD monthly.

China has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and almost zero gun violence and you will get an opportunity to work in a multicultural environment including travelling around the world. China is a travel hub which means flights to Europe, other parts of Asia, USA and Canada are cheap and you have lots of holidays to explore.

Teaching in China will also afford one an opportunity of developing proficiency in mandarin language and valuable business contacts for entrepreneurs.

At The Ehizojie firm (www.theehizojiefirm.com) we are dedicated to ensuring that your experience teaching English in China is a pleasant one. With our team of ESL teachers in China, we provide excellent job placement service, guidance throughout the process, and a 24/7 support during your time in China.

We are the best at what we do and our service is completely free of charge to all our candidates.

To start your journey to #AmazingChina with us, send your updated resume and copy of degree to;teachers@theehizojiefirm.com

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