Dove and Ri.Ch Factory take over Africa with the Iconic 100-Colour Fabric

Pic: Supplied

It’s been a year since Dove partnered with Ri.Ch Factory to create their bespoke 100-color fabric with a unique print to celebrate color in a cosmopolitan yet authentically African way.

Dubbed the 100 Colours of Africa print, the now iconic and easily distinguishable fabric was first revealed at the 2018 Africa Fashion International worn by Dove Deodorant’s campaign partner, Nomzamo Mbatha, who graced the runway in a showstopper dress.

Using the iconic ‘Mud Cloth’ or Bogolanfini print from Mali as inspiration, Chunga-Kutama has described her creative process as “choosing to pay homage to one of the oldest civilizations in the world,” adding that “women all over the continent are reimagining and taking pride in what beauty means in an African context, and to have brands like Dove backing this is refreshing and so affirming.”

While representing her classic print style and aesthetic on this 100 Colours fabric, Ri.Ch Factory honors the traditional brown and indigo tones of the Malian original with a contemporary, and very colorful twist.

“But this year, we’re switching things up a bit and we’re so excited to bring this to life with Dove,” says Chunga-Kutama.

“We have designed two more iterations of the print in a black and white monochrome, another in bold pastels, and of course, we are keeping the much-loved original colors, with a little twist.

“We’re looking to cater to our clientele’s varied tastes and preferences with this range, and for this reason, we’re excited to announce that we are releasing a limited-edition capsule collection with key statement pieces that every woman needs to have,” she said.

Sphelele Mjadu, Senior Public Relations Manager – Unilever Beauty and Personal Care for Africa, said, Dove Invisible Dry is the first deodorant proven to leave no white marks on 100 garment colors and will again be used throughout the design process. Dove aims to give women the confidence to wear bold color without the anxiety of having white marks or deodorant stains on their favorite clothes. The Dove 100-colour fabric showcases this unique product feature in a practical and beautiful way.

Dove believes that women cannot be what they cannot see, and the recent launch of Project #ShowUs has been an extension of the brand’s commitment to ensuring that all women are represented in mainstream media.

This year’s campaign will continue to challenge conventional stereotypes of beauty by including a model search inviting women to participate in the show. Three lucky women will be chosen to walk the runway in select pieces from the limited-edition capsule collection at AFI in October.

“We believe in beauty as a source of confidence and not anxiety. By empowering women to wear more of the colors they love, Dove wants all women to be more confident and empowered.

“What better way to represent women as they are than by allowing them to take part in the continent’s biggest fashion showcase, enhancing the celebration of Africa and real beauty in a way that is bold and daring?” says Sphelele Mjadu.