Student Times, The Pulse of the Community is an online publication targeted at the empowerment of student communities with reliable information that will provide them the competitive edge to make informed decisions and choices on their life journey as students.

The educational landscape in South Africa is faced with many challenges that can easily derail the focus of student communities to achieve their end-goals, viz. to effectively use the educational opportunity as a launch pad to a better life and future.

Student Times seeks to be the pulse of the student community by providing news that are relevant to the student community at all times. Also to provide information that will enhance a quality student life based on the virtue of a balanced and quality student experience through access to a healthy lifestyle, entertainment, leisure and recreation.

The Business news will guide student communities to good deals, discounts and bargains that will make life affordable. Lastly as part of their pathways to success, Student Times will be a platform for job and career opportunities for students to earn a living during and after their studies.

Unlike its Times sister publications, the Student Times will be student-driven from the newsroom to its management through the recruitment of student journalists and interns who will ensure that Student Times remains relevant to its constituency – and remains the pulse of the student community.

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Chief Executive Officer

Segomotso Sebokedi
South African Student Support Services
Tel: 012-717-2071 Mobile: 063-524-5097
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Managing Member

Amantle Matlotlo CC
Boipelo Lecogo
Times The Pulse of the Community  Media Group
Tel: 012-717-2071 Mobile: 072 080 1163
Email Address:
Email Address:


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The ETA Prestige Club membership inspires respect and admiration and associates students as worthy of having a recognizable and unique status in society.

The ETA Prestige Black Card, was designed precisely to send the message that recognizes the nascent (just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential) power of being a student – only if students stick to the right values that are associated with future success.

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